In these most unprecedented of times and in the face of crisis, we need to unite & work together to forge relationships that allow one another to both survive and succeed.


W Business Consulting has a bank of world class, expert consultants & subject matter experts

W Business Consulting has a bank of world class, expert consultants & subject matter experts, that have already successfully delivered winning solutions to several businesses from multi-million pound organisations to SME’s with a turnover of £500K- £8M, which have enabled them to survive the worst of the impact of Covid-19 and regain a comfortable and secure position within the market and enable them to maintain stability with future proofing plans for the expected further changes to come, whilst still looking forward and exploiting the crisis to generate revenue.


Leadership & Management Solutions for Turn around and Crisis Management in the face of Covid-19

The Board and senior executives of every organisation are facing unprecedented pressures, and businesses need strong leadership now more than ever. Organisations are facing a multitude of significant challenges to which they need to respond rapidly.


Critical, short term crisis-related projects can greatly improve the survival and continuity of the business but can add further workload and pressure onto leadership teams already close to breaking point.


Seconding existing executive team members to run major crisis projects for 3-6 months (or longer) just creates another problem as their current role then needs to be backfilled. 


W Business Consulting (thanks to our bank of world class consultants & subject matter experts) is ideal for crisis response and additional project workload, freeing up valuable capacity with the rest of the executive team.

Key Challenges Facing Businesses



Leadership for Crisis Management

Leadership teams, used to managing growth or business-as-usual scenarios can be knocked off track by the rapid escalation of the crisis. Different skills are needed to deal with significantly reduced or no business income for 6+ months. It’s vital to ensure the business can get on top of the situation before the bank or investors force their position.


Response to High Demand

The crisis is putting unprecedented pressure on internal systems, with a huge surge in remote accessing of business critical tools. Business continuity is critical. Organisations need strong Technology leadership at this tricky time.


Virtual Onboarding & Transition

Many businesses are facing a scenario where executives and directors need to be onboarded along with any new talent brought into the organisation. Additionally, businesses are struggling to transition executives into areas of the business where there is increased demand. The challenge is how to do that completely virtually.


Organisational Redesign & Downsizing

Some organisations are facing a need to reduce headcount to manage costs or re-organise their workforce away from low demand and towards high demand areas. HR teams are stretched trying to manage and reassure a remote workforce. External consultancy leaders can make tough decisions without fear of fallout from the organisation.




Able to help the board and stakeholders in addressing their current business requirements that need immediate attention and focus on any current threats or weaknesses, address them in order of urgency and design and deliver a robust strategy for an accelerated recovery with provision for future changes.

With expertise in:

Industry leading Turn around solutions

Planning for & achieving, the ensuing short term future success


Experts to identify strategies to mitigate risks and losses when a business is in crisis and implement innovative methodologies to get the business back on track financially, operationally and able to return to a growth trajectory, including the suggestion of new markets & new ways of working to exploit the crisis.

With expertise in:

>  Crisis Management


>  Risk Mitigation


>  Loss protection


>  Maintaining business position and financial reserves


Able to help the CFO, CEO and the executive team model various business scenarios and get to grips with cash management and liquidity.

With expertise in:

> Business remodelling

> Cash flow/liquidity management


Able to provide much needed additional capability to help CIOs and their technology team ensure business continuity, address cyber risk and upgrade systems.

With expertise in:

> Infrastructure

> Architecture

> Cybersecurity


Able to help the Group HRD and the HR team redeploy talent to where it’s needed most.

With expertise in:

> Organisational redesign

> Talent restructuring

> Reducing Headcount/payroll

Virtual Onboarding




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